Real Estate Management Services in Sofia

property management service sofia

Property Management Services in Sofia

We provide a dependable and trustworthy property management service in  Sofia for owners worldwide. Having a property manager in Sofia with specific market knowledge is extremely valuable in assessing rents and knowing local market trends. 

We can offer suggestions to make your property in Sofia ready to rent, or to enhance the appeal of your property. 

If your property is not currently in rent-ready condition, our management team can help you with this process to ease the transition into management. 

Our years of industry specific experience will provide you with a wide array of procedures to shield you, as an owner, from unnecessary liability and help your tenants feel they are being well looked after.

We want to minimize unoccupied units that will cost owners money in lost rent.

  1. Market Listings: On the appropriate portals, networking and our database
  2. Showings: Owe will attract interested renters and schedule showings
  3. Tenant Screening: We will follow up on references, income proof and credit ratings
  4. Contracts: We will make the leasing process fast, convenient, and accurate
  5. Property Inspections: As residents move in and out, and during the term of a lease, we will perform inspections.

Our Property Management Services in Sofia

Property Management Sofia Fees

The cost of our full service  property management is 10% of the monthly rent, plus the equivalent of one month’s rent for new tenant placement. 

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t charge set up/start up fees, leasing fees or fees during a vacancy. 

As a testament to our quality service, we continue to grow every year through referrals from our satisfied clients.

Our full service management is a comprehensive service, from the initial screening of tenants to property maintenance, financial record keeping and bill paying. 

We make owning your property as simple as reading your monthly statement and receiving your monthly check.

Property Rental Appointments in Sofia

We save you the time and inconvenience of having to be on site each time a prospective tenant wishes to view your property. 

We have an online appointment setting service.  One of our Sofia real estate agents is always available .

During any period of vacancy, the property in Sofia is regularly visited to ensure the security of your investment. 

At all times, we will treat your property as if it is our own.  We try to keep the number of people in the house to a minimum, while being available for questions and giving them ample time and space to look around on their own.  We are ready with answers about schools, average maintenance and utility costs, and general neighbourhood information to help visitors make an informed decision — and to make sure they are a proper fit for your property.

Financial Record Keeping And Asset Management

The team at Luxury Property offers you decades of experience in the real estate and property management industries,  including every facet of financial record keeping and asset management. 

You can expect timely receipt of your owner rent payments, directly deposited into your bank account

Understand that we are not accountants, but because we are property owners ourselves, we understand the tax benefits of owning income properties, and are always available to answer questions based on our own lengthy experience.  Our owners benefit from: 

  • Payable & Receivable management, including collection of rent and paying service/repair contractors 
  • Copies of receipts and invoices upon request 
  • Monthly Financial Reports generated for the owner’s benefit – these are also used to gauge and analyze income and expenses in order to quickly correct any potential problem areas

Professional Property Management in Sofia

Request a free, no obligation consultation for competitive rental quotes that are specific to your property’s features, upgrades and amenities, contact us to get started.

Don’t live in Sofia?  Call or email us to make arrangements to view your property.

After visiting your property, we will call or email you within 24 hours (or next business day) with our suggestions, rental quotes and to answer any questions you may have about property management in Sofia.

Advertising Your Property For Rent in  Sofia

Many property investors find that attracting – and keeping – great tenants poses their greatest challenge.  When you employ our services there is no extra charge for advertising your property for rent Sofia.

As your full-service property manager, we handle advertising, showing, and choosing your tenants, relieving you of all aspects of tenant management.

We not only market your rental property to attract excellent tenants, but we also carry out a comprehensive range of checks to ensure that your investment will be well looked after.

Building Relationships with Property Owners

Building a solid business, relationships with property owners is vitally important.

It starts with us setting expectations before a property owner even becomes a client. We talk to prospective clients before signing a contract to understand what it is they’re looking for in a property management firm and explain exactly what we can provide for them.

We keep the lines of communication open at all times, send monthly owner reports, and give them the opportunity to ask questions and share feedback. We feel confident providing own proactive feedback to owners and identify opportunities for additional revenue streams.

We want to deliver the best customer service we can for your owners and the best living experience for your residents.

Property Management Contracts Sofia

Solid property management contracts make stable business relationships. Our contract will spell out the roles and responsibilities of the property manager.

Our contract will include:

  • Management fees
  • Off-duty coverage
  • Work hours
  • Insurance coverage
  • Whether you or your property managers will live on-site
  • Maintenance and repair budgets
  • Emergency funds
  • A detailed description of the services promised
  • A timetable for invoicing and any penalties for non-payment

We recommend to always have a lawyer look over your contracts to make sure everything is locked down.
We will interact with the tenants on a regular basis  creating a memorable resident experience, where renters are engaged and happy, keeping your properties running smoothly, helping you attract other residents through word of mouth and builds your reputation with property owners.

Handling Maintenance and Repair

We offer maintenance and repair services as most owners don’t want to deal with the time and cost of maintaining their properties or fixing unexpected issues. 

  • We spell out in the contract exactly which services we will provide and how they will be paid for.
  • We have liability insurance to cover all work we do as well as all employees and contractors who do the work for us.
  • We have a reliable work order system in place.
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Bistritsa, Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo used to be villages at the foot of Vitosha Mountain which turned into suburbs due to Sofia’s growth. All four areas have preserved the slower pace of life and you will enjoy a very experience to living in the Centre of Sofia, you will see houses with beautiful gardens as opposed to blocks of apartments. This article examines the benefits of investing in property for sale Simeonovo Sofia.

Where Dragalevtsi and Simeonovo slightly differ is that they both have a lift to the top of Vitosha Mounatin (a cabin lift in Simeonovo and a chair lift in Dragalevtsi).

Simeonovo is one of the most prestigious districtsin Sofia. It is situated above, to the south, the Sofia Ring Road.

Travelling to Simeonovo Sofia

The main road from the centre of Sofia to Simeonovo is Simeonovoshusse. Simeonovoshusse ends at the Sofia Ring Road where the Simeonovo district begins.

There are frequent buses which connect Simeonovo to the Sofia city centre, you can find details of the bus routes at this useful website.

If you wish to drive to the city centre it would usually take no more than 30 minutes. From the Sofia Ring Road it is easy to travel to the other areas of Sofia such as Boyana, Mladost and Sofia Airport.


Lozenets is definitely one of the best districts to live in Sofia. Lozenets is known as a high-end, very desirable residential district with number of modern luxury residential developments interspersed with traditional Bulgarian homes.

To the south, the district heads to the slopes of Vitosha Mountain via Cerni Vrah Blvd, and to the west to one of the biggest and nicest Sofia parks – South Park.

The whole of Lozenets is packed with top quality shops, bars and restaurants, so you will never be short of entertainment.

In the past quarter was named “Korubaglar” (which means “vineyards in the woods”) because the quarter was at end of the town. Nowadays Lozenetz is amongst the most in demand and preferred districts and is still undergoing a lot of development of Sofia.

Lozenets can be split into two parts – Lower and Upper Lozenets. This can be slightly confusing as Lower Lozenets is to the north. You can easily reach the centre of Sofia by foot in 30 minutes while you will need to use the excellent public transport service or very cheap taxis to go to the centre from Upper Lozenets.


Iztok District is located just to the east of Sofia city centre. Iztok is Bulgarian for East and, originally, Iztok was the most eastern part of Sofia. Now the capital has far extended to the east and includes districts such as Mladost and Druzhba. Because of its proximity to the centre of Sofia, and the high quality of the property for sale Iztok Sofia is one the most elite and expensive quarters in the capital of Bulgaria.

Iztok is probably a little to far to walk to Sofia city centre for most people, but it an ideal cycle ride as it is relatively flat, unlike most districts outside of the centre of Sofia.

Borisova Garden Iztok Sofia

Borisova Garden is known as “Sofia’s lungs” because of the huge green area it occupies in the very heart of the capital. It is a monument of garden and park art of national importance.

Over the years, Borisova Garden has become a favorite place for walks and entertainment for several generations of Sofia residents and has earned the reputation of the most beautiful and preferred park in Sofia.


Dragalevtsi is definitely one of the best districts to live in Sofia, and property for Sale definitely comes with a premium price compared to the rest of Bulgaria, but compared to the cost of property in the rest of the European Union, it is an absolute bargain.

Dragalevtsi is part of Vitosha municipality and situated in the southwestern part of the city, in the foothills of Vitosha mountain.

Dragalevtsi now is an affluent district built up with luxury properties, as well as the old-style village houses that have not yet been re-developed into luxury modern properies in Dragalevtsi.

Location of Dragalevtsi Sofia

Dragalevtsi is located 7km from Sofia city center on the slopes of Vitosha Mountain.

Dragalevtsi has spectacular panoramic views and the excellent transport system which makes it an extremely attractive for location to live in. Indeed, Dragalevtsi is the preferred area in Sofia for many business people of high social status.


Boyana is an upmarket district of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Many businessmen and foreigners have invested in property in Boyana due to its quietness and high standard of living. If you choose to invest in property for sale Boyana Sofia you will be living in the same neighbourhood as the President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Boyana is located 7km from the centre of Sofia in the foothills of Vitosha Mountain, which was declared the Balkan Peninsula’s first National Park.

Features of Living in Boyana

Boyana offers lots of greenery and peaceful ambiance that contributes to the healthy lifestyle of its residents:

  • Wonderful views Vitosha Mountain
  • Fresh summer and winter than the rest of Sofia
  • Fresh, clean mountain air
  • Good communication with the city center and the test of Sofia using Boulevard Bulgaria and the Sofia Ring Road
  • Gasification
  • Famous landmarks, such as
  • Boyana Church, The National History Museum, Boyana Residence, Boyana Fort and the Living Water Spring
  • Excellent shopping and places to eat and drink


Bistritsa is the least well-known of the 4 villages, (Bistritsa , Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo) which lay at the foothills of the magnificent Vitosha Mountain to the south of Sofia. Property For Sale Bistritsa is fast becoming the most sought after in Sofia

Bistritsa is a large village in the Sofia municipality, located in a small valley just 15 km to the south of the capital Sofia.

Crystal-clear streams (the name Bistritsa origin from Bulgarian “бистър” that means “clear, lucid, limpid”) flow through its teritory, and there are mineral hot-springs close to the village.

Travel to Bistritsa

The quickest way to travel  to Bistritsa is to use the Ring Road from the Darvenitsa junction to travel up the mountain.

If you wish to travel into the centre of Sofia by public transport, the best way is to take the bus to Mladost Business Park, where you can take the Sofia Metro all the way into the centre of Sofia.

You can also change trains on the Sofia Metro to quickly get to Sofia Airport.

Also, all four villages are connected by a mountain road, which provides for spectacular views of Vitosha Mountain and the whole of Sofia. The road runs from Boyana in the west to Lake Pancherevo (more on the lake below) to the east of Sofia.


Vitosha District is located towards the south of Sofia, between Lozenets District and Sofia Ring Road. At this moment there is a lot of construction of property for sale Vitosha District.

The weather is a little cooler and fresher than central Sofia, but the winters are not so harsh as you will find in Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo – this is one of the reasons that Vitosha district is becoming one of the best places to invest in real estate in Sofia.

Transport Communications and Shopping in Vitosha District

One of the major advantages of buying a property in Vitosha District are the excellent transport communications between Sofia city centre, the ring road and other areas of Sofia.

A major reason for the spectacular growth in the real estate market in Vitosha District was the opening of the Vitosha Metro station.

The bus connections are also excellent in Vitosha Distict, and will enable you to connect with many of the areas not yet covered by the Sofia Metro.

There is also a tram service from the northern part of Vitosha District which runs down Cerni Vrah Blvd into the centre of Sofia.

Talking of shopping, there is, arguably, the most up-market mall in Sofia located right in the centre of Vitosha District. Paradise Centre has an excellent selection of shops, supermarkets, restaurants as well as a cinema complex.